Student Veteran Services


The Office of Student Veteran Services serves as the liaison between the Helene Fuld, its students, and the federal, state, and local agencies concerned with veterans benefits. Our mission is to ensure that our veterans’ and dependents are set up for success.



Helene Fuld College of Nursing welcomes students who served in the United States military. The Office of Student Affairs provides Veteran Services to all students of the armed forces. Helene Fuld’s Veteran Services collaborates with the State of New York’s Department of Veterans Affairs to provide students with a seamless transition from military services to a higher education institution.


Helene Fuld is approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for the certification of VA educational assistance benefits for eligible individuals.

  • Chapter benefits 30, 31, 33, 35, 1606, and more
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill®
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Veteran students can also receive federal and state aid.


Military Transfer Credit for Military Experience

Both active-duty members of the military and veterans can use their time in the military to earn college credits that can be applied towards their Nursing degree.

Active- duty members, children and spouses, and veterans are also exempt from paying the admissions application fee.



Your Responsibilities:

  • Applying for your benefits
  • Meet with your Vocational Counselor and School Certifying Office Every Semester
  • Enrolling in courses required for your program
  • Inform the School Certifying Office about any changes
  • Contact the School Certifying Office for additional support


Our Responsibilities:

  • Advising on the proper use of benefits
  • Certifying your enrollment in compliance with the VA policies
  • Contacting you if we encounter any issues
  • Providing support and care


Their Responsibilities:

  • Determining your eligibility for benefits
  • Processing your certification
  • Issuing payment to you, the school, or both

* Verifying Your Courses – If you are considered less than full-time in the eyes of the VA (Example: Undergraduate student taking 12 credits but can only be certified for 8), you will see a reduced amount of your benefits.

* We report your credit hours and term dates to the VA. We certify your residence (in-person) credits and distance (online) credits. If you’re using a benefit that pays tuition, we also report the covered cost of tuition you were billed. We update this certification if you withdraw or your course load changes.

* Once your certification is reported to the VA, you will receive an automated email starting your “enrollment certification claim will be processed in the order it was received”.

* The VA usually takes 2-3 weeks to process a certification, but the timeline may be longer. We don’t receive updates from the VA once we’ve sent your certification, you can contact them directly at

* Students who are unsure about their stipend amounts can use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool at to show you the current rates for the benefit you’re using.



We encourage our veterans to practice healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health. To receive additional information wellness please visit the following site:



Any veteran facing a housing crisis can contact the following agencies:


No veteran should ever face hunger. NYC offers many programs to help veterans and their families:


Joanna Ojada is the primary contact for Veteran Services at Helene Fuld. Ms. Ojada collaborates with numerous offices on campus (financial aid, admissions, disability services, registrar, academics, counseling, and student affairs) to provide veteran students with the assistance they need to become acclimated with the campus. Veteran Services has four certifying officers to assist students, and also offers veteran educational benefits.  

Joanna Ojada

Director of Student Affairs

PH: 212-616-7273

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Rescue Act funds

Check distribution dates for Rescue Act funds:
Thursday, September 9th from 12pm - 6pm.
Tuesday, September 14th from 12pm - 6pm.

Updated COVID precautions

HFCN is updating its COVID precautions due to the emergence of the Delta variant. This policy is subject to change day to day depending on advice from the CDC and NYS.

1. If you are vaccinated, update your Castlebranch account with proof of vaccination. If you have already done so, that is sufficient. Staff and faculty can provide their information to Dr. Dolan or HR.

2. NYS has disallowed any religious exemptions for health care workers.

3. If you are requesting a religious exemption, you must submit a letter from clergy or religious leader, on letterhead, with documentation that the religious organization at large has been unsupportive of the vaccine. The letter must also document your membership in the religious organization, and specifically state which religious belief you hold that prevents you from having the vaccine.

4. Since most hospital systems in NY are requiring proof of vaccination from all patient-facing staff, unvaccinated students will not be assigned to a clinical agency with such requirements. If an organization can be located without such a requirement, the student may be assigned there if there are openings for students. Since NYS is not allowing virtual or simulated clinicals as a substitute for a live clinical assignment, such students will likely not be able to meet the required clinical hours, and will need to repeat the course when, and if, there are seats available in the following year’s course.

5. Students/staff/faculty with an exemption are required to have weekly testing at the site of your choice. Results must be uploaded to Castlebranch account.

6. Students/staff/faculty with an exemption must wear 2 masks, one of which is an N95 which the College will provide.

7. All students, faculty and staff must wear their ID at all times, and carry the college-issued vaccination ID at all times as well. IDs will be checked daily at security, and periodically by faculty and staff

Thank you.
Dr. Griffin-Sobel
President & CEO

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