Student Learning Outcomes (Generic BS)


By the end of the program, graduates will be able to:

1. Use effective written, verbal, and non-verbal methods to communicate within interpersonal and professional relationships.

2. Synthesize knowledge from the integration of the biological sciences, social sciences, and humanities into nursing care that is safe, holistic, and culturally competent.

3. Critically analyze research and develop solutions to clinical practice problems.

4. Utilize technology to access, interpret, and analyze evidence-based research. Plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care using technology and information literacy skills.

5. Educate clients, families, and communities, and advocate for them in ways that promote their ability to grow and thrive.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of cultural differences and similarities. Exhibit healthcare delivery behaviors that reflect cultural sensitivity.

7. Integrate an understanding of the impact of the environment on individual and community health and wellness into the delivery of effective nursing care.

8. Apply effective leadership and management skills to nursing practice.

9. Articulate the value of practice excellence, lifelong learning, accountability, and professional engagement to foster professional growth.

10. Demonstrate moral, ethical, and legal conduct.

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