RN to BS Programs

Academic Advisement

The faculty and staff of Helene Fuld College of Nursing work with students as individuals and adult learners, providing services that will assist them in attaining the objectives of the program. On admission, each student is assigned to a faculty member for academic advisement and individual help. Students are urged to take the initiative to seek advisement. It is the student's responsibility to maintain satisfactory academic status and meet college requirements.


Career Development

Information on employment opportunities in nursing and procedures related to licensure and job-finding is incorporated into NURSING 225 (Professional Foundations), taught in the final quarter of the AAS program. Students are informed of current developments in the nursing profession and are encouraged to attend local meetings of professional associations and to subscribe to professional journals. 

Recruiters, prospective employers, and program representatives from area colleges are periodically invited to visit the College and talk with interested students. CPR courses are offered periodically to students, prospective students, faculty, and alumni.


College Tours

The College makes every effort to accommodate requests for facility tours, provided they are received at least 48 hours in advance.  To arrange to take a tour, please call 212-616-7282.


Continuing Education - For Nurses

Helene Fuld College of Nursing's Division of Continuing Education promotes continuing education programs in nursing and allied health by offering courses on a variety of healthcare subjects to current practitioners. Educational programs of interest to residents of the Harlem Community are also offered. For a list of CE courses currently being offered, please CLICK HERE.


Counseling Services

The College employs a college counselor. Short-term and long-term counseling services are available to help students with issues including, but not limited to stress, depression, disorganization, anxiety, family-related problems, and other social issues. In addition, students can be referred to other mental health professionals when appropriate. Students can be seen on a walk-in basis when the Counselor is not in session or by scheduled appointment. Appointments can be made by calling 212-616-7264, by e-mailing the College Counselor (Dana.Golin@helenefuld.edu), or by stopping by room 312.


Elevator Access

Students with physical limitations may obtain an elevator pass from the Director of Administration. Documentation of the need is required. The pass must be shown to the College’s security guard as well as to Bethel Gospel Assembly’s security personnel.


Health Referral Services

Any student who is injured in the College must report this to a faculty member or administrator at the time the incident occurs. An Incident Report will be filed with the Director of Administration and if necessary “911” will be called. If a student has a health emergency during an off-campus clinical experience they are referred by their clinical instructor to the affiliating agency's Emergency Department and/or to a private physician.  

The College does not assume responsibility for dental care, hospitalization, or treatment of health problems. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain and maintain their own health insurance.


Internet Websites/E-mail   

General information about the College can be found at:  www.helenefuld.edu.  Students may securely register for courses, access course schedules, view their grades, and bills, etc., by using the College’s Student Information System (SIS) (www.hfcnsonisweb.com).  All students are assigned College e-mail addresses upon entering the program.  College e-mail addresses will be retained for six months after graduation.


Mentoring Program

Alumni serve as mentors to interested students in the Mentoring Program.  Students who choose to participate in the program are paired up with an alumnus who has shared similar experiences while attending the College. Mentors act as role models, providing professional guidance and encouragement while helping students strengthen their critical thinking skills. Mentors also assist students in developing successful study habits, test taking skills, and coping strategies.


Orientation of New Students

Students are introduced to the instructional staff, and to the facilities, services and policies of the College.  Included in the orientation is information about health During New Student Orientation, students are introduced to the instructional staff, and to the facilities, services, and policies of the College. Included in the orientation is information about health referral services, campus security, academic advisement, counseling services, and alcohol, drug, and sexual assault policies. Other topics include: fire drill and safety regulations, tutoring, study groups, student standards of conduct, attendance and punctuality, and full- and part-time schedules.


Recreational Activities

The College has no planned recreational program due to the nature of the student body, which is predominantly an adult commuter group. The College encourages students to plan activities according to their interests as long as they do not interfere with the program of studies.


Students with Disabilities

A student who requests special accommodations due to a disability must submit the request with documentation from a qualified practitioner to the President of the College. The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, will decide if the request can be granted. The President will notify the student (or prospective student) of the decision in writing. A copy of the response will go to the Director of Student Services. If the student can be accommodated, the Director of Student Services will notify all instructors of the student’s needs.



Group and individual tutoring is available for most courses.  Tutoring is available in all science courses, including the pre-requisite Selected Topics in Chemistry and Mathematics course.  The nursing faculty offer sessions to clarify and reinforce nursing concepts.  The Director of the Writing Center hosts regularly scheduled and publicized APA writing workshops.  Students may also make appointments to receive individualized writing assistance.  All full-time faculty have four office hours each week when they can meet with students for individual help.  Students do not need appointments to see faculty during their regularly scheduled office hours.

Additionally, all full-time faculty have four office hours each week when they can meet with students for individual help. Students do not need appointments to see faculty during their regularly scheduled office hours.


Wi-Fi Access

The College has wireless internet capability. Students with wireless-enabled laptops and phones can access the internet throughout the College.