Freedom of Expression Policy

Effective 1 May 2024


Helene Fuld promotes freedom of expression for individual and group opinion in favor or opposed, to ideas or areas of interest, and the right to engage or assemble with others peacefully. Essential to this process is the avoidance of the violation of the rights of others, including the disruption of educational processes and functions. Members of the community that violate the rights of others are subject to disciplinary action.

The College supports freedom of speech, and the expression of one’s viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are offensive to some members of our community. However, prohibited activities are:

  • No amplified sound;
  • No demonstrations inside the building;
  • No littering;
  • No sleeping inside the building, or in close proximity (within 25 feet) of any entrance;
  • No unmanned signs;
  • No blocking ingress or egress;
  • No building of structures with chairs, stakes, benches or tables;
  • No camping including tents, sleeping bags, pillows etc;
  • No disruption;
  • No threats;
  • No violence;
  • No weapons;
  • Any other item or activities deemed to be noncompliant with policy and regulations by college officials.


Individuals found responsible for engaging in prohibited activities shall be trespassed from campus. Students will receive a 3-year trespass and suspension. Employees will be trespassed and separated from employment.

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