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Our College greatly appreciates your financial support. Some generous folks have given in honor of their mother who was a nurse. Others give to help support our students, many of whom work full time while caring for their families and attending school. Financial obstacles often interfere, so scholarships are invaluable. We are happy to name a scholarship for a person you would like to honor.

One of the primary ways we educate nurses to care for patients is through simulation. Our newly opened Simulation Center houses mannequins who can give birth, have a seizure or have trouble breathing, allowing our students to give hands on care in a safe environment. Mannequins and hospital equipment are extremely expensive; donors may like to support the purchase of an IV pump, medication cart or defibrillator to list just a few.

Our President, Dr. Joyce Griffin-Sobel, would be delighted to talk with you about these and other needs the College has, and discuss your thoughts about support.

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Rescue Act funds

Check distribution dates for Rescue Act funds:
Thursday, September 9th from 12pm - 6pm.
Tuesday, September 14th from 12pm - 6pm.

Updated COVID precautions

HFCN is updating its COVID precautions due to the emergence of the Delta variant. This policy is subject to change day to day depending on advice from the CDC and NYS.

1. If you are vaccinated, update your Castlebranch account with proof of vaccination. If you have already done so, that is sufficient. Staff and faculty can provide their information to Dr. Dolan or HR.

2. NYS has disallowed any religious exemptions for health care workers.

3. If you are requesting a religious exemption, you must submit a letter from clergy or religious leader, on letterhead, with documentation that the religious organization at large has been unsupportive of the vaccine. The letter must also document your membership in the religious organization, and specifically state which religious belief you hold that prevents you from having the vaccine.

4. Since most hospital systems in NY are requiring proof of vaccination from all patient-facing staff, unvaccinated students will not be assigned to a clinical agency with such requirements. If an organization can be located without such a requirement, the student may be assigned there if there are openings for students. Since NYS is not allowing virtual or simulated clinicals as a substitute for a live clinical assignment, such students will likely not be able to meet the required clinical hours, and will need to repeat the course when, and if, there are seats available in the following year’s course.

5. Students/staff/faculty with an exemption are required to have weekly testing at the site of your choice. Results must be uploaded to Castlebranch account.

6. Students/staff/faculty with an exemption must wear 2 masks, one of which is an N95 which the College will provide.

7. All students, faculty and staff must wear their ID at all times, and carry the college-issued vaccination ID at all times as well. IDs will be checked daily at security, and periodically by faculty and staff

Thank you.
Dr. Griffin-Sobel
President & CEO

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