Castlebranch Noncompliance Fee

Dear Students,

The College has noted a large number of students who are not in compliance for their health requirements in Castlebranch when the semester is beginning. Some are suspended for failing to bring their accounts into compliance after numerous warnings. It is too burdensome for the College to continue to notify students repeatedly about their accounts being out of compliance. Therefore, beginning January 15, 2023, the following policy change will be instituted:

With registration, students will receive notification of the date that Castlebranch compliance in entirety must be achieved and documented. Subsequent to that date, students who receive the first official notification that their compliance is deficient will incur a fee of $100. If a student is suspended for noncompliance, a fee of $250 will be imposed in order for the student to be reinstated.

Students, please keep your Castlebranch account up to date at all times in order to avoid additional fees.
Thank you.

President Griffin-Sobel

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Regarding ASA College:

Helene Fuld College of Nursing is in a teach-out agreement with ASA College. For students who would like to transfer from ASA to Helene Fuld, please contact Assistant VP Allie Ittoop,, or 212.616.7268. We are located at 24 E. 120th Street, on the corner of 120th Street and Madison Avenue.
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