CARES Act assistance

CARES Act assistance
March 16, 2021

UPDATE 3/26/2021: This is a reminder for students who is scheduled to pick up pre-paid debit cards at Carver bank:
The last day to pick up pre-paid debit card is Monday, March 29th from 8:30am to 5:30pm.


Students will pick up debit cards in alphabetical order by last name:

Pick up date and time          First letter of student’s last name

March 19 (from 9am to 5pm)          A-B

March 20 (from 9am to 12pm)       C-D

March 22 (from 9am to 5pm)          E-J

March 23 (from 9am to 5pm)          K-M

March 24 (from 9am to 5pm)          O-R

March 25 (from 9am to 5pm)          S-Z


If students cannot pick up debit card on the scheduled date, please call the bank to reschedule to March 26 (from 9am-5pm), March 27 (from 9am-12pm) or March 29 (from 9am-5pm)


March 29th will be the last available date to pick up debit card.


Listed below are the names and numbers at Carver bank to reschedule the pick-up date:

Maxine:   212 360 8895

Jackie:     212 360 8805

Mark:      212 360 8895

Janette:  212 360 8805


Please bring to the bank a government issued ID OR your HFCN ID in order to receive debit card.


We advise to students to walk with their prepaid card that was previously issued.

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Regarding ASA College:

Helene Fuld College of Nursing is in a teach-out agreement with ASA College. For students who would like to transfer from ASA to Helene Fuld, please contact Assistant VP Allie Ittoop,, or 212.616.7268. We are located at 24 E. 120th Street, on the corner of 120th Street and Madison Avenue.
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