Student Learning Outcomes (AAS)


At the completion of the program, the HFCN Associate of Applied Science graduate is expected to achieve the following program outcomes:

1. Demonstrate the ability to communicate using standard American English with an emphasis on clarity and purpose.

2. Utilize appropriate therapeutic communication that demonstrates caring and sensitivity to clients, their families, and their communities.

3. Incorporate the biological sciences, social sciences, and humanities into the practice of professional nursing.

4. Recognize the impact of physical and psychosocial influences on the client’s health status when providing individualized nursing care.

5. Within a theoretical framework, provide quality, evidence-based nursing care to culturally diverse populations.

6. Utilize critical thinking to develop evidence based, individualized plans of care that relate nursing theory to clinical practice.

7. Utilize information technology to communicate, to access resources, and to provide client-centered care.

8. Educate clients and families about health promotion, disease prevention, and desired outcomes.

9. Demonstrate professional responsibility and ethical and legal practices.

10. Express a commitment to lifelong learning and educational advancement.