Curriculum Plan (Generic BS)

Generic Bachelor of Science Curriculum Plan
Semester I—Fall 1
SCI 200 Life Sciences 3
HIST 218 Major Topics in American History 3
BEH 231G Introduction to Psychology 3
ENG 281G Composition and Introduction to Research 3
NUR 325 Information Technology Applied to Nursing 3
Total Semester Credits 15
Semester II—Winter 1
SCI 201G Anatomy & Physiology I 3
HIS 217 20th Century World History 3
BEH 232G Human Development 3
ENG 282G Introduction to Literature 3
PHIL 316 Introduction to Philosophy* 3
Total Semester Credits 15
Semester III—Spring 1
NUT 200 Nutrition 3
SCI 202G Anatomy & Physiology II 4
SPAN 207 Conversational Spanish* 3
BEH 233G Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Semester Credits 13
Semester IV—Fall 2
NUR 200 Foundations of Nursing 6
SCI204G Microbiology 3
NUR347 Holistic Assessment* 3
SCI 305 Selected Topics in Biochem/Physics 4
Total Semester Credits 16
Semester V—Winter 2
NUR 221G Medical-Surgical Nursing I 5
NUR 300 Pharmacology 3
SCI 326 Pathophysiology 3
SS 419 Health Policy* 3
Total Semester Credits 14
Semester VI—Spring 2
NUR 223G Parent-Child Health Nursing 6
SS 306 Social Science Statistics 3
NUR 315 Nursing Theory* 4
NUR 337 Transcultural Nursing and the Nurse as Educator* 4
Total Semester Credits 17
Semester VII—Fall 3
NUR 222G Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3
NUR 228 Healthcare Needs of the Geriatric Client 3
NUR 336 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice* 3
NUR 418 Environmental Issues in Urban Community Health Nursing* 6
Total Semester Credits 15
Semester VIII—Winter 3
NUR 224G Medical-Surgical Nursing II 5
ANTH205 Anthropology of Health and Healing* 3
NUR 429G Leadership and Accountability* 3
NUR439 Capstone (Independent Study)* 4
Total Semester Credits 15
* Indicates hybrid course format
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Dear May 2020 Graduates:
Please make an appointment with Sandra Howard ( to pick up your diplomas, pins, and caps and gowns. She will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Office of the President:
President Griffin-Sobel sends a letter about George Floyd

Celebrating Nurses Week 2020:
A letter from our President, Dr. Griffin-Sobel - Nurses Week 2020

The Proclamation on National Nurses Day, 2020 - From the website

To all students, spring classes will be held fully online. All students must have a compatible computer by the beginning of next quarter or semester, April 20 for AAS and April 27 for BS (Please read the President Message 30 March 2020 for more details).

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the Helene Fuld College of Nursing is not able to receive applications that were sent through the mail. We have moved to an online application process using NursingCAS so that interested students can apply and be considered for admission. If you have previously mailed in your AAS application, please resubmit it by using the instructions on our Application and Instructions page.

Please note that until further notice, all employees of Helene Fuld College of Nursing are working remotely. Email is the preferred communication method.

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